Which of these opening statements in a fundraising letter would evoke a positive response from you?

Example #1:  “As the Executive Director of ABC Shelter Nonprofit for the past 8 years, I have seen our program grow to include better outreach, education, and service provision to thousands.”

Example #2:  “Susie came to us with her infant daughter needing a place to sleep for the night, and we were able to give her just that, thanks to the generosity of people like you.”

Do you see the difference?  The first example is about the nonprofit, the second is about the donor’s impact. Good nonprofit marketing ties the message together with real stories of impact.

Your donors and prospects have short attention spans. Your communication efforts need to tug at the heartstrings and make the reader feel it is their “duty” to help.

While it may be true that an older donor will read an eight page newsletter received in the mail and respond to it positively, more often than not readers will just “flip through” your newsletter looking for pictures, and items bolded or in italics.

If your nonprofit marketing content isn’t grabbing their attention quickly, then your printed piece or email may end up in the recycle bin or e-mail trash folder.  You need a strategy, and a big part of that strategy is effective storytelling.  (One of my favorite resources is Network for Good’s free e-book entitled, “Storytelling for Nonprofits.” )

I can help you create a message for your nonprofit web site, newsletter, social media, and email marketing that effectively tells your story with words and images that will tug on the heart strings of potential donors and open their wallets.

I specialize in creating nonprofit marketing messages that “stick”.  Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation today!


“Ayda helped us pull together a strategy very quickly for our “Giving Day” campaign. Her insights were invaluable to enabling us to make this happen!” – Loretta St. John, The Tree House Child Assessment Center

“Ayda and her co-presenter were very detailed and thorough in their presentation (Facebook for Nonprofits)… I’m walking away empowered! – Gurvinder Ravery, Gurvy Travel.