Has your nonprofit board of directors “lost the spark” needed to make great things happen at your organization?

Boards often need an orientation session and materials to help them understand how to be more than just a “good board,” and become a “great board.” This is usually accomplished with outside guidance, as staff are stretched thin wearing many hats. (Boardsource.org has some great information on this subject.)

A common theme is frustration between board and staff persons surrounding effective communication, and productive board meetings. The solution is better communication, clarity of roles and the creation of functioning board committees.  I have been trained by the best in the industry to lead board members through fun, interactive training sessions that enable each board member to feel empowered and excited to move the nonprofit mission forward.  I can train board members individually and in groups through workshops.

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“The thought of fundraising for any Board is scary! During our Board Retreat, Ayda was able to take that discussion and make it fun, give direction, and show all of us that this task can be easy! We were able to walk out with tactics and samples to use and make fundraising a positive and successful task.” – Kylie McCleaf, MA, CPRP, Chief Executive Officer, Family Services, Inc.


“As a board member, I found Ayda’s workshop very ‘real,’ very constructive!” – Fran Abrams, Board President, Foundry Gallery.