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No Time for Data? The Fundraiser’s “Fail”

Often, nonprofit organizations with limited staffing resources have poor record keeping of donors’ gifts. The solution is so simple. Use an affordable fundraising tracking software program like those in this list compiled by NTEN in a report that can be downloaded by clicking here.  Many of these tools are multifunctional – you can use them to send emails to donors and prospects by segment, set up campaigns, track notes of conversations with donors, and so much more.

Ok, so now you found the right software and have your data organized in a way where you can run 1-click reports. Yippee!!!

But, you have three grant proposals due, you are preparing for your next event, writing your newsletter – the list goes on and on.  You might say, “I have no time to look at my donor data.”

I tell my clients you must MAKE the time. Good donor stewardship begins with getting to know your donors and their giving habits to your organization.

You know that appreciating donors is supremely important. It impacts donor retention and how donors feel about you, it’s that simple. Donors who feel appreciated stick around and they tend to give more and larger gifts over time. Donors who feel taken for granted or ignored will disappear.

I call it “focusing on your lowest hanging fruit” – your donors who already give to you and love your organization.

That’s like ignoring your mother or father that gives you that nice, fat allowance each month (or with each ask you make) and forgetting them on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or their birthdays!  You wouldn’t do that, would you? You stay in touch with your parents and give them updates on the wonderful things going on in your life!

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