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Ideas for #GivingTuesday Fundraising

#GivingTuesday is a global movement that began six years ago, and according to, it is “is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.”  Over 20,000 nonprofits participated last year (2016) and raised over $168 million.  This movement is growing at an alarming rate, as this is a 44% increase over the prior year, 2015, when $116.7 million was raised, according to this link at  This year (2017), Giving Tuesday will occur on Tuesday, November 28, which is the day after “Cyber Monday” and after “Black Friday” following Thanksgiving Day.

That day, and the days preceding it, nonprofit organizations start tweeting #GivingTuesday and mention it on social media and through e-mail campaigns, using stories and images or video to gather attention.

If your organization is a small fundraising shop and does nothing else, capitalize on this wave.  Here’s some simple ideas you can easily implement in time for and on the day of #GivingTuesday –

  1. Create a “needs theme”-  like beginning to collect donations to buy children in your program holiday gifts, feed the homeless or low income families in your program for the holidays, etc.  It is never recommended to say “give to us so we can keep our doors open,” or ask for operating funds.
  2. Gather compelling images, stories, and video that is easily shareable through Twitter, Facebook and your email list in short, poignant, bite-sized chunks.
  3. Report on progress through these same channels in the days leading up to, the day of, and the days after #GivingTuesday. Everyone wants to be a part of a successful campaign, and the progress updates will spur more donors to give.
  4. Encourage your current supporters to share your campaign to their personal accounts on Facebook and to re-tweet your tweets.  #GivingTuesday is a great way to attract first-time donors to your organization, too.
  5. Track who gave, and thank them promptly!

Here is a great article with more ideas from industry experts composed by nonprofit marketing guru John Haydon.  Good luck with your campaign, and as always, myself and my team are here to help!