» » » “Fundraising or Root Canal? Which would your board members choose?”

“Fundraising or Root Canal? Which would your board members choose?”

I’m just crazy about this excellent blog post from fundraising colleague, Mary Calahane in Connecticut!  Mary and I think alike – my takeaways from the article are these:

  • Fundraising is painful for board members when board members are just handed a list of names and asked to call people they don’t know.
  • When there is no case for support, that’s plain lazy.  We all want to hear WHY we should feel moved to give to a particular organization!
  • When the task isn’t matched with the talents of the board member – some like making phone calls, others might prefer to write handwritten, personal notes or writing a moving, heart-felt email.
  • When there is no reporting feedback to the group, celebrating the wins and understanding the not-so-great news in a positive light and learning from it to move forward.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be painful with proper board training! In fact, that pain can be turned into a fun activity driven with passion to make a difference for the organization, right?

Read Mary’s full blog post, “Is Your Fundraising A Pain in the Ask,” by clicking here.  Image credit: Pixabay.com