Which of the following describes your donor database?

  • Prospects that have yet to give their first gift
  • Donors that are capable of giving larger gifts, but have not been “moved up the giving pyramid.”  

The answer to these common fundraising problems is an overall donor development plan. As a Certified Fund Raising Executive, I can help you find your non-profit’s organizational voice and create a plan to move prospects and donors to give more, through donor development, events, and other fundraising strategies.

When it comes to events, many nonprofit founders or staff will think, “If we just throw a huge Gala, we will raise lots of money, and they will come.”  Perhaps, but there are many factors to consider: the size of your donor base, your internal capacity to manage an event, your budget, and your sources of volunteer help.

If your nonprofit is at the growth stage, holding an event without an “ask” should be a consideration.  Create an event where you can demonstrate what you accomplish in your work and grow your list of potential supporters.

You may be at the stage where you CAN confidently throw a Gala event. The key to success is advance sponsorships, an organized team of volunteers, vendor coordination, and proper event flow meticulously mapped out in advance.  Before you put any plan into action, I can be your sounding board and review your plan, and give you my years of experience in holding successful nonprofit events.

Finding donors, keeping donors, and planning successful fundraising events are monumental tasks.  Whatever stage your organization is in, I am here to help.  My goal is to educate nonprofits and prevent costly mistakes. Schedule your complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation here.


“This is my second seminar with Ayda, and it was fantastic. She presents great information, and I always leave with lots of ideas ready to implement within my own fundraising strategies.” – Sarah Straub, Adventure Theatre