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Donor Loyalty Study Shows Personalization Wins The Day

A fantastic fundraising colleague, Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru, recently wrote a blog post summarizing the results of the Abila Donor Loyalty Study. It validates what most of us in nonprofit fundraising already know – that donors like to receive personalized handwritten notes or emails – personalization matters!  From the study, “Approximately 71 percent of donors feel more engaged with a nonprofit when they receive content that’s personalized. Personalization done wrong – with misspelled names, irrelevant information, or age inappropriate material, for example – rubs donors the wrong way.”.

The study commissioned by Abila, Finn Partners explored questions with a representative sample of 1,136 donors in the United States across all age segments – Millennials, Generation Xers, Boomers, and Matures – who made at least one donation to a nonprofit organization in the past 12 months. The surveys were conducted between February 3 and February 16, 2016.

It’s time to pull out your donor lists and write those short, personalized notes and emails, and follow up from gifts from your most recent Giving Day or event, and let your donors know how much you appreciate their loyalty. This will keep your organization “top of mind” next time you ask for a gift.

Click the image above for the “full view” – it’s very helpful information!

Wishing you greater nonprofit abundance and success!