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Donor Love Must Be Your Priority

In these uncertain political times, thanking our donors to keep them giving must be our top priority. Recently, I was in a room full of nonprofit leaders, it was the third week of January.  I asked them, “How many of you have picked up the phone and called at least one major donor to thank them for their year end gift?”  I was shocked that only two hands went up. Given the recent tax law changes, it is more important than ever to pick up the phone and call your major donors with a heartfelt “thank you” message and letting them know how their gift is making a difference. Are you a busy Executive Director or Development Officer? Then divide the list and conquer and include your board members on your “thank-you” team! Provide everyone with a script. Make it easy, put it on your calendar, and don’t forget to give “donor love” this time of year. Need help organizing the process? I’m here for you!