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Crafting a “Killer” Year-End Appeal Campaign

If you haven’t started thinking about crafting a killer year-end appeal, you need to start that now. Why?  According to a study by Blackbaud, 17.8% of all 2014 giving happened in December!

     #Giving Tuesday is a big day, are you ready for it? Your online and offline appeals need to have those “killer” elements that-

  • Make your story compelling.. so compelling that your readers want to click “donate now” or write that check…
  • Are “donor-centric” – how will the donor feel by giving?
  • Demonstrate the impact of a $50, $100, or a $250 gift in real terms of what that donation will DO for someone your organization supports.

Just having a website or one or two e-mails and a mailed letter are just not enough anymore.  You have to have a donor “moves management plan” in place long before the appeals are sent.

A fantastic colleague in the world of fundraising, Ann Green, recently published a great blog post entitled “Your Year End Appeal Checklist.”  Highly recommended reading!  I’d love to help you craft a killer appeal and put your plan into action!  I welcome your comments and thoughts.

Wishing you greater nonprofit abundance and success!