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Asking for Donations with Confidence

Do you find it awkward to ask for donations?  I used to feel that way too!  Getting over the fear of asking for donations and gaining confidence is a matter of training and practice.  If you truly have the passion for the cause you support and you can articulate it well, then asking for gifts becomes easy. You are trying to change the world, and money becomes the “change agent.”  Whether you are a board member, volunteer, or major gifts officer, anyone can learn to be comfortable with “the art of the ask.”  Nothing makes me happier after training a group of nervous board members or nonprofit professionals than to hear them say, “I can do this!!!”

It seems so many of us need more confidence in this area – how do I know? Because this is my most highly viewed YouTube video. I’d love to know what you think. Jump in on the conversation here or on my YouTube Channel.